Kory Suttles

Born and raised in the hills of Western NC, Kory grew up in the amazingly wonderful town of Morganton, which is the main reason he’s trying to put a store here! After completing high school in Morganton, Kory graduated college in 2009 from UNC Chapel Hill, fully prepared to conquer the world, with odd jobs and living stints everywhere from Seattle to Spain, until eventually settling for a number of years in the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, NC! This is where he first truly discovered BEER…and simply put, everything changed.He began to notice the sub-culture of craft beer enthusiasts that were prevalent in this area. Before long, he took it to the next level, subscribing to various craft beer publications, attending various beer festivals and craft beer appreciation club meetings, and more.

To say the least, it was contagious, and that true feeling of being a part of a micro-community in such a manner was true magic that he wanted to share with the world…so why not start with Morganton? This, friends, is now his dream, and the entire reason behind making this store a reality in his hometown.


Collin Suttles

Kory’s brother – comes from a background in agriculture in North Carolina (Morganton and Asheville) and has ten years of experience working for Cornell and Diehl Inc., a locally owned and operated artisan tobacco manufacturer and distributor. Along with his degree from UNC-Asheville in earth science and 3 years working in the agricultural research field, he exhibits a strong work ethic and a realistic vision of what it takes to operate the working machine that is a business. Collin will be working on organizing financials, planning community outreach and events, and managing the business in general.

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